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If you struggle to manage your fleet, if you are concerned about your fuel costs, where your driver's time goes, about the security of your vehicles and/or their cargo, if you missed maintenance on your vehicles ending in unnecessary repair costs, then you are not alone. You just need the right tools so you can manage your fleet without all the stress that those issues cause.
We have the tools you need. Our team has and continues listening to customers like you and developed the most comprehensive, innovative and effective fleet management tool that is the market.
The professional and still cordial contact with us makes you feel that we are an extension of your team .

Fuel Management 

Effective Fuel Management ensures the best utilization of the company's resources and open the doors for cost reductions to a large extend.

  • Automatic Notifications of refills and drains.
  • Detailed Fuel Consumption Reports.
  • Cost Tracking per mile.

Smart and Customizable Alerts

Obtaining real time alerts via email or in-app notification helps you take smart decision based in real conditions.

  • Excess Idling
  • Overspeed
  • Route Deviation
  • Unauthorized movement
  • Geofence violation

Preventive Maintenance

Planned maintenance will help to improve vehicle life and avoid costly unplanned repairs.

  • Reduce vehicle downtime and number of major repairs.
  • Increase vehicles' life expectancy.
  • Improve safety and quality conditions.
  • Timely and routine repairs prevent large-scale repairs.

Real Time Tracking

Real-Time tracking ensures effective fleet visibility and decision making helping fleet managers to increase productivity and safety .

  • Real Time location Tracking.
  • Route compliance monitoring.
  • Efficient dispatch and accurate ETAs.
  • Real Traffic data visibility.

Driver Behavior

Monitoring driving behavior opens the possibility to increase fleet safety and reduce vehicle wear.

  • Improve safety.
  • Save fuel and reduce vehicle wear.
  • Reduce Accidents

Features & Benefits


Increase fleet efficiency.
Increase driver/operator performance.
Reduce fuel and maintenance costs.
Reduce Insurance costs.
Reduce unnecessary, non-productive driving time.


Reduce vehicle and inventory theft.
Detect dangerous driving habits.
Reduce unauthorized vehicle usage.
Detect entry in security sensitive regions.

Customer Satisfaction

Reduce response time and improve customer satisfaction.
Increase number of service stops.

Why us?

At Polarix we know that you don’t want to spend your time worrying about every single detail of your fleet operation. We know you need to have an overall picture of your operation and identify the areas that really require your attention. The problem is that most of the technological solutions available in the market present to you an overwhelming amount of data and fail to resume that data in a form that explain coherently what is happening.

That’s why we have develop ProntoTrack, a comprehensive fleet management tool, based in many years of experience working with clients like you, and delivering that peace of mind that you so deserve and allows you to concentrate in your core business.




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