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The Facts

Millions of dollars worth of marine vessels are stolen every year. Few stolen boats are ever recovered. A GPS Tracking Service will protect your boat from theft and unauthorized usage.

The Solution

GPS Trackers provide fast and accurate position at real time. They allow you to monitor the location of your boat from your computer or cellphone. You will be notified in case of unauthorized usage and movement alerts. It will also allow you to see where the boat has been at any given moment and save the best spots for fishing and diving.

Why install a GPS Tracker


Insurance companies will give you a discount on your boat insurance if you install a GPS Tracker.

Theft Protection

Instantly detect any attempt to steal your boat by setting movement and geofencing.

Real-Time Tracking

GPS Trackers provide fast and accurate position at real time. 
Track the boat if it goes missing.

Peace of Mind

Stop worrying and relax.
You are covered!

Install a GPS Tracker Today 

Your boat is a big investment. You have worked hard for it. 
Gain Peace of Mind by installing a GPS tracker
They are affordable and easy to install.


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